ghar - ghar kessab - traditional - laurel soap - laurapel - laurolive soap - naturale soap - ghar soap - kessab soap - steve apelian - syria soap - صابون غار - غار كسب - كسب - صابون طبيعي - غار - الغار - استيف ابيليان - لورابيل

Kessab is a small village lying on mount Caseous slopes, a district of Lattakia-Syria, of an altitude ~ 850 m. above sea level. Covered by natural forestry, Pine,laurel & other deciduous and evergreen trees which shed a magical impression on visitors with its clean atmosphere and almost virgin sights. This makes Kessab one of the most famous areas in Syria, and a summer resort.

In Kessab, where you can find the traditional architecture Typical to the region, with stone built houses of thick walls and wooden roofs. The village, well known by its soap manufacturing, a traditional, hand-made village-soap whole natural, known all around the world as “Ghar soap”