ghar - ghar kessab - traditional - laurel soap - laurapel - laurolive soap - naturale soap - ghar soap - kessab soap - steve apelian - syria soap - صابون غار - غار كسب - كسب - صابون طبيعي - غار - الغار - استيف ابيليان - لورابيل



“ Aromatherapy has its Roots in Antiquity ”

A single tiny drop of our aromatherapic products,

offer us the unending benefits of nature.

Extracted from different parts of aromatic plants,

like flowers, leaves, seeds, fruits and barks, come to restore our

feelings and put it in harmony with our sense of well being.

Oil from LAURAPEL is a pure distillation of different parts without alcohol,

It does not smear and dries immediately.

As it is very concentrated, a little quantity is enough.

A Relaxing and Restorative experience...




Of all our senses, smell is perhaps the most evocative. Your home already expresses you. And thanks to our home fragrance range, its scent can do it.



701 -

Laurel oil.

702 -


703 -


704 -

Pine oil: Back to nature. Acne, antidandruff.

705 -

Lavender oil.

706 -

Jasmine oil.

707 -

Sandal wood oil.

708 -




Leaves your skin clean

and delicately perfumed

 Soothes and protects

even the most sensitive skin.

Redness,irritations and

feelings of stress fade away.