ghar - ghar kessab - traditional - laurel soap - laurapel - laurolive soap - naturale soap - ghar soap - kessab soap - steve apelian - syria soap - صابون غار - غار كسب - كسب - صابون طبيعي - غار - الغار - استيف ابيليان - لورابيل




The fluid emulsion in gel form and

cream is produced

with vegetable raw materials,

and studied to be an easily absorbable

 and very hydrant product.

It does not have the unpleasant oily

 effect present in the

traditional body creams.

If it is applied daily after bath or

shower, skin restores hydration and

 elasticity, leaving a pleasant fragrance

 on the whole body.


Cream for cuticle nutrition.

Sun shine Cream protection.

Cream moisturizing & nourishing.

Cream for Acne treatment.

Cream for psoriasis & eczema treatment

It can be applied on face,

hands and body.

Advised for every kind of skin.

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