ghar - ghar kessab - traditional - laurel soap - laurapel - laurolive soap - naturale soap - ghar soap - kessab soap - steve apelian - syria soap - صابون غار - غار كسب - كسب - صابون طبيعي - غار - الغار - استيف ابيليان - لورابيل


Our policy :

When we close the last box of soap to the market we are sure that a last touch to every single piece of our product has taken care of every single detail. Thus we believe that our products would gain our customers' satisfaction and loyalty. In case you are not satisfied or have any comments please do not hesitate to send it back, or call us, or write to us and we will gladly compensate your purchase.

Our goals:

while setting our yearly goals we make sure that all Laurapel family: employees, vendors, customers, service men, owners, managers and most of all mother nature and community.. keep and enjoy the work-life in balance.

Our philosophy:

Believing that all forms of trade should be for the well being and development of all human beings, community life and preservation of the ecosystem; we are committed to abide by the International Fair Trade Rules.

Our strategy:

For the last 65 years we have learned much & changed much, as change is inevitable. But one thing we have kept steady: work hard enough to upkeep the Tradition of Quality which practically thousands and thousands of faithful Laurapel-Churukian products users have come to expect, comment and express year after year, a quality that is not surpassed by any imitator or forger. Our strategy is so simple, absolutely persistent and strict regarding quality, we do purchase the best ingredients available in the market, offer the most delicate assortments possible of natural-hand made, famous orientel and near eastern soaps, providing the highest quality customers services. Make people happy.