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Black pearl-looking




The nature overwhelms you in Kessab by its hills & valleys covered by the evergreen Laurel trees & bushes, through the green leaves, black pearl-like beads shine like crystal through the green leavs.

The crop is so valuable that farmers pick it bead-by-bead to produce and extract the best quality Laurel oil in the world, that compacts the nature aroma, refreshing power and all the benefits you can imagine.

With traditionally acquired skills & experience, the Laurel oil is mixed with the famous Syrian olive oil and many other natural herbal oils & extracts, to put in your hands, the finest of all Ghar soap, named LAURAPEL.

LAURAPEL, a registered trade mark, known for it’s multiple benefits to your health, hair and body, Cleaning-Refreshing-Nourishing, Moisturizing, Deodorizing and most of all Regenerating damaged hair, Stops dandruff.

In your bath, bed & beyond all the house is full of nature's purest perfumes as if the outside is turned inside with LAURAPEL.

Our soap is produced by cold-working. It is obtained with laurel and olive oil.

Totally free of animal or industrial fats. The final characteristics of any soap obtained by the addition of natural substances becomes a biological product, using flowers' petals, glycolic essences and glycerine etc. are all biodegradable “extras”


We have long said and truly believe, that skin care is a long-term process.

However we offer some products that, beside their long-term benefits

create an instant effect.


101 -

Box  1 kg

For normal & greasy skin.

 Normal & greasy hair.


102 -

Box  1 kg

For dry and sensitive skin.

 For damaged hair.


103 -

Pkt  1 kg

For very sensitive skin.

 economical packing.


104 -

Box  4 kg

For dry and sensitive skin.

 For damaged hair.