ghar - ghar kessab - traditional - laurel soap - laurapel - laurolive soap - naturale soap - ghar soap - kessab soap - steve apelian - syria soap - صابون غار - غار كسب - كسب - صابون طبيعي - غار - الغار - استيف ابيليان - لورابيل



RAJA soaping process begins in the mixers for both Laurel oil and Olive oil.

It remains in wooden containers for about two days.

The process has to be followed with constant attention.

As in this procedure there are no standard times.

The cutting of blocks, formed in the containers,

is done by hand, as in all other processes


Relatively, the lower temperature, evolved during the soaping process,

makes the soap softer and more elastic than industrial soap.

The glycerine which emerges, remains present in large quantities,

helps during use for a delicate cleansing.